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"My Ideal World" - how it came to be...

What better way to celebrate the ABC's 40th Anniversary than to have students and staff produce a very special video on the day? Thank you to all those involved in its production and most certainly to Rodrigo Alfaro, our Digital Media Artist in Residence, who directed (and filmed) the whole operation.

Now that we have launched the video on Facebook, many have asked how the song used within it ("My Ideal World") was created. David Navarro, from the ABC's French department, describes how the school got to be involved with Shaka (of Shaka and Dres) and how this led to the lyrics being written. I let him tell the story:

Story of how the song: “My Ideal World” came to be written

It all started on a Sunday, October 10, of the year 2010, in the afternoon, when I made a phone call to one of my best friends (Jose Antonio Morales/Shaka), to invite him to participate in an assembly to be held at the British School on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 in the PAC. The objective was to motivate the young students in high school and continue to grow successful achievements in their studies…. The call ended with Jose Antonio’s good will to participate in the assembly and we agreed to meet prior to it to plan what to say and how to motivate the students during his 5 min participation.

We met on Monday, October 11, in the school and were able to talk freely about this. Jose Antonio was wondering if it was necessary for him to sing Pas de Panique at the assembly, and I was afraid it would not be possible due to time issues, but that if the audience requested it, he would be able to sing it. He got really nervous and said it was not easy for him to get up in front of a group of students and motivate them with his words and music… he was actually very nervous!

I trusted his professionalism and knew he was going to be a success because of his talent and all his national and international achievements. Tuesday, October 12, came and Jose Antonio came and before entering the PAC to address the students, he said to me: “I’m very nervous, why don’t you come in with me to introduce me and ask questions in French and I answer them?” “Should I talk to them in French or in Spanish?”… And I just replied: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be ok and the students will be enthusiastic about meeting you and hearing you sing!! And they will sing with you!!” and this is exactly what happened!!

His music, his charisma, and his personality were widely accepted by the students and teachers that were there on that day… His participation was a huge success!

I then invited him to lunch at the staffroom and he was very excited and happy to know how well accepted he is in the school.

We continued to talk and we thought about making a song, but wondered about what? Then I said we should make a song about the school values and we started making the idea grow, and we set other dates to meet, etc. We agreed we had to write the song with some students so that the main ideas came from them, and we asked for the participation of my extracurricular group (Paula de las Mercedes Raudales Cerna 8th B, Sonia Kim Choi 8th B, Adriana Gabriela Valladares Argueta 8thB, Olga María Castaneda Vásquez 8thD, Carla Gabriela Carpio Molina 8th B, Valeria María Valiente Quinteros 8th B, Paola María Wollants Schoenenmberg 8th D, Marina Isabel Bauer Argueta 9thMaya, Diego Sebastián Asturias 10th Inca, Fabiola Teresa Wollants Schoenenmberg 12th Maya.)

We also had full support and participation of Madame Escobar, who since the beginning, gave us her support and liked the idea. She was the person in charge of getting all the authorizations with the heads of the school to make this project happen, and also helped us with the writing of the song.

We also had the help of Ms Victoria Keilhauer, who gave us her unconditional help with the writing of the song’s lyrics, translating to English, and gave us her support with her motivation, and ideas. It was really all coordinated teamwork, tiring at times, but worth it.

The students met with me, Silvia and Victoria every Tuesday and Thursday after school, and Shaka came along to write the song. We all created the rhythm, and the lyrics were based on the values of the ABC.

There was a long expected LOL (Lunch on the Lawn), in which Shaka and his brother Dres were a huge success!!! The students sang their songs with a lot of enthusiasm and showed their admiration and appreciation for their singers. After the LOL, we took Shaka and Dres to lunch with Vicky and that’s where more ideas were born about what other activities to do at the ABC. One of these ideas was to organize a concert at the ABC, so they can sing their repertoire and we can also invite other schools to an event that is meant to be entertaining, but healthy and full of appropriate messages for the Young. We are thinking of having t-shirts made, and organize raffles so the students can earn prizes for improving their grades, behaviour, and effort in school.

On February 1st, the school celebrated its 40th anniversary, and used the song to make a commemorative video, out of which some shots will be included in Shaka’s official video. The students and organizing staff will also participate in the making of both videos, and we plan to record it in various locations of the country.

We are sure all of this will go on to being a part of the great history of the 40 years of Academia Britanica Cuscatleca’s foundation, and we are very proud at heart of being a part of this song.

We hope the song’s message can have an impact in the lives of our students, staff and the rest of the people in the world!

David Navarro Alvarado

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