Saturday, 1 October 2011

Digital videos - great tool for teaching, learning and self-expression

You may have noticed a huge increase in the production of digital videos at the ABC. This is no accident and it is thanks to teachers and students taking on and experimenting with this medium that we have had such good results.

And our Digital Media Artist in Residence, Rodrigo Alfaro, has been central to the promotion of this - he has been involved in everything from the whole production of excellent videos through to providing support for individual students and teachers. The good work continues and I want to share just two videos from many that I could pick from.

The first comes from a 1st Grade assembly for Peace One Day (1st Aguirre). The students explained what peace was, what it was not and how to resolve issues so that there would be peace. Here is their "Use Words" video on strategies to achieve peace - excellent for their age.

The second was done at the end of last year for the International Year of Chemistry and features some students from the Class of 2011 - since we have just published their university destinations in a local paper I thought it appropriate to include them here. There are many, many more - have a look at the Learning Resources Centre YouTube channel!